I swear I’m not crazy.
Nukes did nothing. Prayer did nothing. Our fate was sealed long ago.
He couldn't resist the spirit in the gun, no matter how hard he tried.
She tried to get a head. The ritual wanted something different.
It all seemed so simple...
His daughter was all he had left. Can he save her from the darkness consuming all of humanity?
She had to be stopped.
Strange tastes run deep...
I am the DJ of the apocalypse, spinning the hits while oblivion opens its maw in front of us all and sucks us in.
Enter in, dear friend, as the vault doors swing wide and the sunlight bursts through the mote-ridden air. Today, we explore the post apocalyptic world…
It keeps me going, even when I don’t want to.
Give those skeletons flesh, and watch them dance for your readers!